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Explore our residence halls and related forms, requests, and processes at JWU Charlotte.

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Spring 2024 Move-In Information

  • New Students: January 5, 2024, 1-4pm
  • Returning Students: January 7, 2024, starting at 10am

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Campus residential facilities are traditional suite-style residence halls. All suites are 4-person suites with two bedrooms and a shared bath.

Cedar Hall North houses 359 first-year residents at total capacity, and Cedar Hall South houses 369 upperclassmen in suite-style rooms with two bedrooms.

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Cedar Halls

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect first-year students' inside- and outside-the-classroom experiences. Each LLC is unique but is centered on an academic interest area. Students who choose to live in an LLC directly connect to their classroom experience, access to intentional events and programs, and dedicated faculty members who work to make the community a success.

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2023-2024 Guide to On-Campus Living

The Guide to On-Campus Living contains important information you will need before arriving on campus and policies/procedures in place while living on campus. We also encourage you to stay informed throughout the academic year by reviewing items on bulletin boards, checking jwuLink and your email, and following Residential Life on the various social media apps.

Guide to On-Campus Living

Two-Year Residency Requirement

All first-year students are required to live on campus in Cedar Hall North.

Second-year students are also required to live on campus and can fulfill this requirement in Cedar Hall South.

An exemption from the second year of the two-year residency requirement will be granted only to students who:
  • Are over 24 years of age
  • Commuting from less than 50 miles while living with an adult family member or legal guardian (requires additional documentation)
  • Are married and/or have a child
  • Have a medical accommodation need requiring off-campus housing (requires additional documentation and approval from Accessibility Services)

If you meet one or more of these criteria, complete the Residency Exemption form located in the Admissions portal. Once a decision has been made, you will receive a notification via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed in the residence hall?
Pet & Animal Friendly (PAF) housing is located on the 1st floor within each residence hall.

Animals allowed: Dogs (up to 40 pounds and at least one year old); domestic cats (at least one year old); small caged mammals like hamsters (cage no larger than 16 square feet); fish or turtles in a bowl or tank under five gallons.

No more than one approved pet per person is allowed.

Residents wanting to apply to bring their pet to campus must complete the Pet & Animal-Friendly application on the Wildcat Housing System.  (Application available Summer 2023)

Do the residence halls close for the holiday break?
No. Cedar Hall North and Cedar Hall South will remain open during the winter break period at an additional cost. More information about winter break will be sent via email during the fall semester. Halls are open for the fall and spring breaks. Please note that the Dining Hall is closed during all breaks.

What is the cost of room and board?
For current room and board rates, consult Student Financial Services.

Are the residence halls co-educational?
Yes. Our residence halls, Cedar Hall North and Cedar Hall South are set up in a suite style; the two rooms within each suite are gender-specific.

There are a limited number of gender-inclusive suites available on campus. For more information on gender-inclusive housing, please contact Residential Life.

How do I request a room change?
Room change requests can only be submitted during the 3rd week of each semester. During the first two weeks of each semester, the department handles any consolidation needs, providing roommates sufficient time to get acquainted.

A room change is a request only; all parties involved must agree before consideration is given.

What do I do if I have issues with my Internet?
Contact IT

How do I request a release from my housing contract?
Students should be advised that contract releases or exceptions are granted only in situations involving extreme or unusual circumstances, the nature of which would prohibit living in a residence hall or impose a severe hardship. A desire to experience off-campus living is not considered an acceptable reason to grant a release.

To begin the release process, you must complete a Contract Release Application through the Wildcat Housing System under ‘Housing Forms.’

Please review the Room Terms Agreement Cancellation Policy for more information on being released from your housing contract.

Are the rooms wired for the internet/telephone/cable?
Yes, all rooms are wireless internet-ready. Landline telephone and cable service are no longer available in the residence hall rooms. Cable is available in certain residence hall lounges.

Can my student bring a microwave or refrigerator?
Students cannot bring their own microwave or refrigerator; the university provides one micro-fridge unit in each room (one per two students). No additional fees are required.

Do I need to procure personal property insurance?
We strongly urge you to obtain personal property insurance coverage under your/your parents/your guardian’s homeowner’s insurance. JWU is not responsible for damages to or loss of your private property.

How are student rooms/suites secured?
In the residence halls, students only have card access to their assigned suites. The interior doors to the students’ rooms have a deadbolt lock that can be locked from the inside or outside (with a key).

In all housing facilities, students’ ID cards will give them access to the exterior doors of the building where they reside.

What are other safety measures in place within campus residential facilities?
All university housing has 24-hour monitored access. Access to each hall is limited to its residents. The front desks in Cedar Hall North & South are staffed by Desk Assistants Monday-Friday from 8 am-4 pm and by Resident Assistants from 4 pm-midnight and on weekends. At midnight, security officers staff the front desk.

All front desk staff assists residents with questions and concerns and offers safety for the residence hall.

To gain access to your hall, you must present your JWU ID with a valid hall sticker. If you visit a residence hall other than your own, you are considered a guest and must register with the front desk.

It is important to note that all guests are required to abide by hall policies and procedures. There are also cameras throughout the building and on the outside of each building.

How does laundry work in the halls?
Both residence halls have laundry rooms on each floor. There are 16 washers and dryers in each building. The machines securely accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card for payment. Any washer or dryer malfunction should be immediately reported to the front desk in the corresponding hall.

I am transferring to the Charlotte Campus. Am I eligible for housing?
The Charlotte Campus will work with all transfer students to secure housing on campus. First-time freshmen are required to live on campus as part of the two-year residency requirement and are given priority in housing selection.

Transfer students are not required to live on campus; therefore, a specific room and/or building cannot be guaranteed. For more information on transfer student housing, please contact Residential Life.