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Living Learning Communities

We also offer four living learning communities throughout our residence halls to further the focused engagement of our students.



Living on campus is a privilege. It provides you with the ability to build relationships with faculty, staff, and classmates, and take advantage of leadership opportunities and participate in many events and activities. It also affords you many conveniences by living where you study and learn.

In order for the residential communities to run smoothly, efficiently and safely, policies and procedures are established for the purposes of safeguarding the rights and property of residents and of maintaining the condition of the residential communities.

Living in a residential community requires the cooperation and understanding of every individual. It is important to recognize your rights and responsibilities as well as the rights of others. 

These policies and procedures apply to all residential communities. 


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Live-On Requirement

We require all first-year students to live on campus for the first two years of enrollment.

If you are a returning or transfer student, we have a number of different options for you to choose from to meet your unique needs and experiences.

Housing Exemption Request

If you meet one or more of the following criteria, and have not yet signed the Room Terms Agreement, you may be eligible for an exemption from the two-year live-on requirement:

  • Married or have a domestic partner (requires copy of marriage or domestic partner license)

  • Are a parent (requires copy of birth certificate)

  • Are at least 21 years of age

  • Live with a relative, parent or guardian within 20-mile radius of campus (requires proof of address)

  • Are admitted to JWU as a transfer student

Complete the Housing Exemption Request.

Requests typically are reviewed and decisions rendered within 14 days of submission or 14 days within receipt of required supplemental documentation. If your request requires supplemental documentation and it is not received within 14 days of your request, it will result in your request being denied due to lack of information. All communication regarding your exemption request will occur via your JWU email address.

For more information, please review the Housing Exemption Request Information.

Maintenance Work Orders  

Please submit a work order request if you have a maintenance concern in your assigned room or apartment. This process must be completed in order to have your concern addressed in a timely manner. There are two options to choose from:

  1. Email Den.Facilities@jwu.edu

  2. Call the Facilities Department at 303-256- 9340

Prior to making the request, please have your room information, and a detailed description of your concern and contact information available.

Laundry Work Orders 

JWU Denver’s Laundry service is managed by Jetz Service Co. If you notice a washer or dryer that is not functioning, or the machine took payment and then malfunctioned, you can report the problem by completing their service form. This process must be completed in order to have your concern addressed in a timely manner.

Prior to making the request, please have the machine number and a detailed description of your concern and contact information available.

Spring Term Move Out

All residence halls close on Friday, May 17th.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to students who are actively enrolled in classes, internship, or whom are living on campus for fall of 2019. To request summer housing, please email reslife.den@jwu.edu.

Housing Contract Release Request 

If you have completed and signed the Room Terms Agreement online through the housing application and something has changed in your circumstance from the time in which you signed the Room Terms Agreement to now, you can appeal to be no longer financially responsible for room and board. The process is lengthy and does require extensive supporting documentation.

Are the residence halls coeducational?

 Yes. All six of our residence halls are coeducational, however all rooms and suites are gender specific.

Do you offer gender-inclusive housing? 

Yes, we offer gender-inclusive housing alongside traditional housing to create an environment that acknowledges and respects the diversity of the JWU student body — while giving you more flexibility in finding a roommate who is truly compatible.

Residing in gender-inclusive housing is a personal choice; no student will be assigned to a gender-inclusive living situation without applying for that option.

Can my student bring a microwave or refrigerator? 

No, students are not permitted to bring their own microwaves or fridges. However, they will have the opportunity to lease a micro-fridge through our vendor, Colorado Collegiate Rentals

Are laundry services available in the residence halls? 

Yes. Each hall has its own laundry room. Washing machines and dryers are paid for through use of a credit or debit card.

Do I need personal property insurance? 

We strongly urge your student to obtain personal property insurance coverage. We are not responsible for damages to or loss of your private property.

How are student rooms/apartments secured? 

The residence halls as well as all campus buildings are accessed by a proximity card, which also serves as their student ID.  

What size sheets should I buy? 

Twin extra-long sheets should be purchased for Johnson, Wales, Presidents, Triangolo and double rooms in Founders.

Full-size sheets should be purchased for Gaebe and single rooms in Founders. 

Are the rooms wired for the internet/telephone/cable? 

JWU has wireless connectivity across campus and in the residence halls. Please be aware that items such as routers, hubs and network switches are not allowed and can result in a loss of network services. Telephone connectivity is not available in individual rooms; however, every residence hall has a telephone located in each hallway, which can be used for making local phone calls and emergency calls. Basic cable service is provided in each room; however, it will be up to you to you to supply your own standard coaxial cable cords. 

How long is my housing contract? 

The student housing contract is for nine months. It begins when the residence halls officially open and concludes in May. 


Regardless of the financial payment you select, residence contracts are effective upon signing and are binding for the entire academic year. For as long as you attend JWU, you remain responsible for room and board charges for the entire academic year, even if you no longer occupy your assigned room or utilize the dining facilities.

Once you sign the housing contract, you must abide by all guidelines and regulations of the university and Residential Life. It is your responsibility to be aware of these guidelines, since ignorance of the regulations is not considered an excuse for breaking them.

We require all first-year students to live on campus for the first two years of enrollment unless you are granted an exemption. 

Note: First year students admitted for the winter and spring terms are required to live on-campus for the remainder of the academic year and following academic year. If you attend a term abroad you are still committed to resuming your contract upon your return. Please contact the Study Abroad office for specific billing.

The refund policy for official withdrawal from the university is stated in the catalog; if you re-enter the university in the same academic year, the resident student contract will take effect from the date of readmittance.

Student Status

Your housing assignment is contingent upon your being in good standing with Student Financial Services. If you have any Financial Planning, Health Services or International Services holds on your account by the financially cleared deadline for new students (or the deadline for returning students) you will not receive your housing assignment. You will then be placed in any available space at check-in if and when such holds have been removed.

Room Assignments

If your housing contract has not been received by the financially cleared date, you will be assigned to any available residence hall/room. Housing is assigned based on deposit dates; earlier deposits are more likely to secure preferred housing assignments.


We strongly urge you to obtain personal property insurance coverage under your own/your parents'/your guardians' homeowner's insurance. Johnson & Wales University is not responsible for damages to or loss of your private property. You will receive an insurance pamphlet with your housing assignment later this summer.

Move-In Deadline

If you do not occupy your assigned room by the last day of check-in, you will forfeit that specific housing assignment unless a written request providing sufficient cause for late move-in has been previously submitted to and approved by the assistant of housing operations. Students who arrive after the move-in deadline will be placed in any available space.

Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) 

This student organization whose primary purpose is to be the voice for all residential JWU Denver students. RHA will advocate and seek solutions to problems facing residents by collaborating and communicating with Residential Life.

RHA shall strive to create a vibrant community where residents have opportunities to interact by providing programs and activities for students.

Hall Councils

These students organizations represent their respective hall. Similar to RHA, they advocate student concerns and plan programs and events. There are five Hall Councils on-campus:

  • Johnson Hall Council (JHC)
  • Wales Hall Council (WHC)
  • Presidents Hall Council (PHC)
  • Founders Hall Council (FHC)
  • TRIBE Residence Hall Council (TRHC)