Freshmen: First Year Experience


Wales Hall, 4th floor

Do you want the tools for success in college at your fingertips? The College 101 Living Learning Community is designed to do just that, through a focus a focus on academic and personal development, building self-confidence, and basic skills to help you succeed within the academic rigor of JWU. This community will experience outings in the Denver area, workshops from a variety of campus resources, and social programs to help build the foundation for success.

College Living 101

Johnson Hall, 6th floor

Unique to JWU’s Denver Campus, the Outdoor Adventures community is for all students who want to take advantage of Denver’s temperate climate and natural beauty, and want to live with other students who enjoy the outdoors. Past programs in this community include rock climbing, camping, skiing, hiking, and biking. Trips are often at a reduced cost or free to the resident. The best thing about being part of this community is that all of your neighbors are interested in the same outdoor activities that you are, so you can plan your own adventures.

As a result of being a member of this Living Learning Community, students will able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the landscape of Colorado
  • Utilize the outdoor environment as a way to foster the development of self-identity and apply to the in class learning experience.
  • Show growth and establish social connections within a community of students who have similar interests
  • Discuss preparation made for advancement in their career path that will cross-utilize their passions for the outdoors and major specific skills

Outdoor Adventures

    Johnson Hall, 2nd floor

    The Baking & Pastry Arts community is for Baking & Pastry Arts majors who want to mix their classroom experience with their future career goals. Residents of this community will have the opportunity to participate in baking and pastry focused programming. Past programs include visiting (and sampling from) local bakeries, learning about gluten-free baking from Distinct Cupcakes, and touring Hammond’s Candy Factory and Celestial Seasonings.

    Residents of the Baking & Pastry Arts community will also work with faculty outside of the classroom to learn additional insight and skills that will help them excel in their future careers.

    Residents will develop the abilities to:

    • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation advanced baking and culinary skills
    • Show growth and establish social connections within a community of students who have similar interests
    • Discuss preparation made for advancement in their career path that will cross-utilize their skills
    • Gain a broad overview of business and marketing strategies

    Baking and Pastry Arts


      Sophomore Year Experience


      Presidents Hall, 3rd floor

      The Civic Engagement Living Learning Community (CELLC) brings together residents who are interested in leadership opportunities on- and off-campus through club and organization involvement. Students in this community will engage with the community in social issues including homelessness, youth empowerment, and environment conservation. This LLC focuses on becoming an active part of the solution through community engagement.

      Residents will develop the abilities to:

      • Identify social concerns within the local Denver community
      • Educate peers on social awareness and responsibility
      • Promote leadership opportunities through on-campus clubs and orgs

      Civic Engagement

        Founders Hall, 2nd floor

        The Global Connections community is for international students and students from the US who wish to celebrate one anothers’ cultures and customs, and learn about each other and current global issues through conversation and shared experiences. Residents will build community through many formal and informal interactions, including family dinners, sharing holiday traditions, cross-cultural dialogues, and attending social and educational events in the Denver community.

        Residents will develop the abilities to:

        • Articulate a broader understanding of diversity, multiculturalism and globalization
        • Engage in intellectual conversation, dialogue, and debate about diversity and inclusion with like-minded and different-minded individuals
        • Express an appreciation or desire to engage in diversity-related efforts and initiatives at JWU

        Global Connections