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Living Learning Communities

We also offer eight living learning communities throughout our residence halls to further the focused engagement of our students.





All resident mail and packages should be addressed to:

Student's name, residence hall and room number

1701 NE 127th St.

Johnson & Wales University

North Miami, FL 33181


Mail will be delivered directly to each hall daily.

Packages can be picked up in the University Center Mail Room, Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm.

Please do not send packages to the university at these times:

  • Prior to the opening of the campus residence halls for the year

  • During break periods

Wait List

Residential Life keeps a wait list for housing in the instance that all available spaces in the campus residence halls have been filled. Should you be placed on a residence hall wait list, our Placement Coordinator will work to place you as soon as a space comes available. 

Hall/Room Change

Students may request a room and/or hall change at any time during the year.

Please note that any changes are contingent upon space availability. All open spaces in the residence halls are subject to assignment at any time. Residential Life, Safety and Security and the Office of Student Conduct reserve the right to place limitations on the spaces made available to students. The university reserves the right to assign or re-assign rooms as needed.

Access this in The Involvement Network.

Roommate Contract

Please take the time to read this guide and complete a Roommate Contract to ensure that you have a successful living experience.

During the housing selection process, you will be matched with a roommate based on the answers you gave on the online Roommate Questionnaire. While we try to bring together students with similar interests and living habits, we also ask that you be open to, and respectful of, difference. We hope that having a roommate will provide you with an opportunity to get to know someone with whom you can share interests and experiences. You and your roommate(s) may become best friends, or you may choose not to hang out together. Whichever way it works out for you, you will learn to respect someone else's space and to be able to articulate your wants and needs.

Most roommate problems derive from:

  • Lack of open communication

  • An individual's inability to respect and tolerate differences between people

  • Not anticipating problems and preventing them ahead of time

  • Not dealing effectively with problems as they occur


Not Home Alone: A Guide to Living with a Roommate 

This a great resource in helping to establish your boundaries and lines of communication with your roommate.

Housing Exemption

Can I pick my own roommate? 

Yes, it is possible to specify a potential roommate. During the online housing application process, you will have an opportunity to select a specific roommate or match your preferences with one. These requests can only be honored if both students have paid their reservation deposits and if there is space available to meet the specific request. 

What kind of clothes should I bring? 

Closet and drawer space is limited, so you should bring seasonal clothing.

Culinary students are required to wear their uniform to class, always dress to impress as you never know who you are going to meet or encounter walking across campus. 

Each residence hall has a laundry facility in the building. 

Where can I wash my clothes? 

Can I have an overnight guest? 

Yes, you may sponsor an overnight guest. However, there are some limitations to the visit including all visitors must present a valid picture ID upon check in and they must remain with the hosting resident at all times.

Please see the Student Handbook for more details. 

Is there a curfew? 

There is no curfew, but you must respect Quiet Hours, 10pm-8am every day. During these hours, students must be signed in and out in the visitor's log at the residence hall front desk.


May I have a pet in my room? 


Only upperclassmen in Arch Creek Place and a limited number or rooms in Biscayne Commons will be allowed to have pets. Types of animals permitted will be dogs* (up to 40 pounds and at least 1 year old), domestic cats (over 1 year old), small caged mammals (cage no larger than 16 sq. ft.). No more than one approved pet per person is allowed. *Restricted breeds: Pit bulls, Akitas, German Shepherds, any wolf hybrid, or any breed not permitted by city or county ordinances. 

Space in this community is limited and not all applicants are guaranteed a space. Not all residents are required to have a pet in order to live in a pet-friendly community—individuals are permitted to pull in roommates without pets, as long as roommates agree to live there and understand and abide by the rules and policies for the community. Contact the Director of Residential Life for details

When do residence halls close during the academic year? 

All of the campus residence halls will be open during the December-January winter break.

Students wishing to stay on campus during this time will be required to receive approval from the Director of Residential life prior to the start of break.

  • Please note students who will be staying in the halls during this time will not be permitted to have guests.
  • Also be aware that food service will not be offered over the break period and that most campus offices will be closed.

Campus Safety & Security will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, front desks at Biscayne Commons, Flamingo Hall, Lakeside Towers and Tropical Pointe will be staffed.

All campus policies will continue to be in effect.

All students applying for housing must use JWU's online housing system. Once you have successfully completed the online application, you will be able to select a room. If you questions about the process, contact the Office of Residential Life.

Room reservations become permanently assigned only after you have received clearance from Student Financial Services. Make your financial plans early to optimize your chances of getting the room of your choice.

The Housing Application covers the entire academic year even though room charges are payable by the term. So long as you attend JWU, you will be responsible for room charges for the entire academic year, even if you decide not to occupy the room.

Students who have been convicted of certain felonies (or have had certain felony-type charges sustained in a juvenile proceeding), such as crimes of violence, serious drug offenses, and sex offenses, are not eligible to live in university housing.

Contract releases will be considered on a case by case basis by the director of Residential Life; however, it is only under extraordinary circumstances that one would be granted. (Please see the North Miami Student Handbook for a full description of this procedure.) In order to apply for a contract release, students must complete the contract release form (print version available in Student Life Center on the second floor of University Center) and submit it to our office along with all supporting documentation. The refund policy for students who officially withdraw is stated in the handbook.

Your meal plan and building access to the building will be canceled at time of move out. Should you need to regain access to your residence, you must contact the director of Residential Life in the Wildcat Center, Room 312 or call ext. 7055 from any campus phone.

For more information, review the North Miami Student Handbook.

Property Insurance

You are responsible for your own property. When you leave your room, you are advised to lock your door and windows. We are not responsible for the loss or damage from any cause to your personal property. You have the option to purchase your own insurance. Otherwise, please check as to which items might be covered under your parents' insurance policies.

When you check out of your residence hall, you are responsible for making an appointment with your RA to move out of your room. If you are checking out before the end of the term, you will need to make the appointment at least 24 hours prior to your departure.

At the end of the term, it will need to be made at least one week before the first day of final exams. Please keep in mind that you are bound by the terms of the housing agreement. 

Your RA will check you out upon your reasonable request. You must check out 24 hours after your last final exam.

During move out, you are expected to complete an online check-out form where you record the condition of your room. Should damages be discovered after you have left, you may be charged. All room damage charges can be appealed up to one month after your move out date. 

It is important to note that your meal plan and access to the building will be cancelled at time of move out. Should you need to regain access to your residence, contact the director of Residential Life in the Wildcat Center room 204 or ext. 7055 from any campus phone. 

The last resident who checks out of a room/apartment is responsible for the cleanliness of the room/apartment. All trash should be removed. Your room/apartment should be in "broom clean" condition and with all the required furniture intact and as you found it.