Centennial House is a community-driven, co-operative housing option. What does this mean for you? Along with forming strong in-house connections, residents share equally in the decision-making and upkeep of the house, including determining house rules and keeping the common areas clean and tidy. (Individuals are responsible for maintaining their personal spaces.)

Available to

  • Sophomores

  • Juniors

Room Types

  • Singles

  • Doubles

In Unit Bath



  • Large, open kitchen and spacious dining room

  • Common spaces for gatherings and house events

  • Laundry room

  • Outdoor space with the potential for a garden

  • Free on-site parking

  • Accessible via university bus route

Pets Ok?






House Projects

  • Elect leadership members to help run the house

  • Determine house rules and democratically make decisions affecting the house, including managing the house budget

  • Participate in daily operations, including routine cooking, cleaning and small maintenance projects (as needed)

  • Gather weekly to eat meals together and discuss house matters

  • Participate regularly in volunteer projects scheduled throughout the term

  • Have the opportunity to stay in the house until graduation, as long as they remain in good standing

How to Apply

To be eligible for residency, you must be a rising sophomore or junior with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and no significant conduct record. Strong leadership and communication skills as well as prior community service experience are also recommended.

Please email the following documents to Residential Life:

Selected applicants will be contacted by a house officer and will participate in a group interview conducted by current house members. Details will be provided to those chosen to participate.

We welcome your questions or general inquiries about Centennial House. Get in touch.

Room Layouts