Living On Campus

Providence has two campuses that students from all colleges can choose to live on. The Downcity Campus is located in the heart of Providence and Harborside Campus overlooks the Narragansett Bay. Most of our residence halls are centrally located. Explore our res halls and related forms, requests, and processes.

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Pet & Animal Friendly Communites

We offer pet & animal friendly communities for our students in select residence halls. Applying for a pet & animal is completed through the online housing application found through your jwuLink account. Please click below for additional information.

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  • Refill Your Laundry Card
  • Wildcat Packing List
  • Underage Guest Form:
    • Guests Under 18 Years Old (16 and 17 year olds): Any guests under 18 must be approved by the Area Coordinator/Graduate Assistants at least one week in advance along with a parent/guardian note with a signature, emergency contact name and phone number, and valid government issued ID to spend the night or visit during the day.


Guide to On-Campus Living

View Residential Life’s policies and procedures, including:

  • Room safety
  • Guest policy
  • Room changes
  • Holiday break
  • End-of-year shut-down
  • Mailing addresses

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Wildcat Housing Selection

At JWU each student selects their own on campus home through an online application found in JWU Link. Selection is split into two phases. Phase 1 is all about you - this is where you will answer profile questions and begin your search for potential roommates. Phase 2 is where you select your hall, room and if desired, your roommate(s).


Medical Need Accommodations

If you have a disability and want to request any type of housing accommodation, you must submit adequate documentation to the Accessibility Services.  You will have the opportunity to indicate your need for an on-campus medical accommodation in the online housing application found through your jwuLink account, however, you will still need to work directly with Accessability Services to receive that accommodation.




New Student FAQS

Do I have to live on campus?

All first and second year students are required to live in university housing unless the student meets one or more of the following criteria: the student is married; is a parent; is at least 21 years of age; is living at home with a relative, parent, or guardian and commuting within a 50-mile radius of campus; is a transfer student; or is not eligible to live on campus.

Students who have been convicted of certain felonies (or have had certain felony-type charges sustained in a juvenile proceeding), such as crimes of violence, serious drug offenses and sex offenses, are not eligible to live in university housing.

Students must maintain full-time day student status in order to remain in university housing.


When is Move-In for the fall of 2021?

The university is still working to determine move-in dates for the fall of 2021 based on recommendations from the department of health. The university will notify students and families as soon as a date has been set for fall move-in. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the plans for the fall.


Can I change my room after I arrive?

Yes. Whether you are interested in moving to a different room within your hall or to a new hall altogether, talk to your Area Coordinator (AC) or Graduate Assistant (GA). They will look into your options and assist you in the relocation process. Please note that housing is typically full in the fall and room changes are dependent upon available space.


After I arrive, can I just switch rooms with another person if they want to move, too?

You can, as long as you speak with your AC or GA first. By completing room changes through our staff, we ensure that all parties are comfortable with the move; it also ensures the accuracy of our housing records for security reasons.


Can I move in early?

Typically we are not able to allow students to arrive before their assigned move-in day. If you have any questions, please contact us .


I am in a triple, but there are only 2 people assigned to my room.

Does that mean I will have extra space in my room?

All room spaces will be filled before classes begin or directly after. If you have an empty space in your room please keep it available for a new roommate to move in. (This includes leaving the extra bed, closet, dresser and desk free of personal items and ready for a new occupant.)


How do I get a micro-fridge for my room?

A microfridge will be in your room when you arrive. If you and your roommates have not made payment arrangements with the Microfridge Company to keep the Microfridge within the first five weeks of class, the unit will be removed from your room at that time. To obtain pricing information and make rental arrangements, please contact College Refrigerators at 1-800-637-7567.

Microfridges are available in traditional halls only.


What’s in my room?

The university provides each resident with a twin extra-long bed, a desk and chair, dresser, and closet space.


What’s in my hall?

Each hall conveniently provides study rooms, TV lounges, game rooms, laundry, a printing station for the course work, and vending machines.


Where can I do laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. The cost is $1.50 to wash and $1.50 dry. Washing machines and dryers are paid for through use of a laundry card, to which students add monetary value. Cards are swiped into the laundry machines and the cost is automatically deducted. New JWU students receive laundry cards when they move in. Students can activate their laundry card at a machine located in all residence halls. Students can add money to their card online  or use cash at one of the halls mentioned above to add value. Money on the card does not expire.


Can I have pets?

Fresh-water fish in 5-gallon tanks or smaller are allowed in all residence halls. Harborside Village, Harborview, Rennaissance, and Snowden Hall have pet & animal friendly options.


How are residence halls secured?

All residence halls require ID card access to enter. All of our traditional halls have the front desk that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when the halls are open.


Can I ship items ahead?

We do not staff the residence halls until students arrive, so mail will not be accepted prior to move-in weekend. If packages or mail are sent ahead of time, they will be returned. Please plan for any and all shipments to arrive after your student has moved into a residence hall.